Easy Leasing Of Spaces With Smarter Spaces

Business Space For Lease

At the initial stages of his business, a businessman prefers to lease a business space rather than buy it. This helps him reduce his initial investment and he can channelise that money for furthering his business. He also has the benefit of having a business address of a prime location. This helps him in creating a positive image of his business. Leasing a business space could be a space that is already set up and ready to move in. There is also the option of  moving into a bare office and setting it up as required by the business.

The business space required could be an office space. This could be an entire floor or room or just sharing extra desk space in an office. A business space required could be space for a retail store in a commercial area or shopping centre. It could even be extra unused space in an already existing store.

Casual Leasing:

Casual leasing is when space is leased for a very short-term. Casual leasing is popular for a pop-up store, advertising space, experiential space or even temporary retail space.

Casual Leasing of Hairdresser’s Chair

This is one of the typical examples of casual leasing. This type of leasing implies renting out the chair in a hairdresser’s salon on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The rent can be charged in three different ways:

  1. Charging a fixed rental.
  1. Charging a % of the total earnings of the hairdresser.
  1. Charging a low fixed rental and a portion of total earnings of the hairdresser.

This arrangement works for both the parties. The hairdresser is able to rent a chair in a salon of his choice and build a clientele. The owner of the chair makes a profit by just renting it out.

Casual Leasing of Beauty Room

Rooms in prime locations can be leased on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This is done so as to provide beauty services for a short span of time. This may be done by the owner of the salon to judge the suitability of the location of the space. Beauty rooms which are leased for a day are more like pop-up shops. They appear only for promotional purposes. They try to attract clients to their regular salons.

Casual leasing in a Mall

Another common example of casual leasing that we come across is leasing of space in a shopping Mall. This could be space for a pop-up shop or a kiosk or extra unused space in an already established shop.

As it is obvious, there is so much variety in the type of space required that there are seekers for any kind of unused space. So, if you have extra space you only need to think creatively as to how this space can be utilized and lease it out. You will only stand to benefit from it.

Finding a tenant for your space easy because of the availability of a number of space listing websites. You only need to list your extra space and connect directly with the space seeker.

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