Effective Utilisation Of Your Parking Space

Parking has become a problem in most metros nowadays. People look to rent a car park in various places. It could be in a residential complex, a business area, near a shopping centre, etc.

Finding a parking spot is especially difficult in central areas, where there are offices etc. If you own an unused parking space close to such an area you are in luck. You can easily make a decent income from this space. This space will be in great demand all the time. For instance, someone who works nine to five might use the parking space for rent during those hours. After five in the evening, space could be rented out to someone who works after five. There will be two tenants occupying the same space. This implies you will have a double income in the form of rentals from your parking space.

Another way of giving parking space to rent is by renting out extra space in your driveway. This type of space is also sought by people. You might have space in your driveway for parking more than one car and you might own one car.  Now, instead of wasting the unused space, you can make it useful for someone else. This, in turn, can generate a profit for you.

Some individuals might own parking spaces close to airports or railway stations. This space also has a good market. This is because travellers could reach the parking space by their own car and then  travel using some other means to the railway station/ airport. Some people go to the extent of providing a shuttle service to their tenants to the airport.

Most shopping malls have their own parking lots but there are shopping areas which do not have a reserved parking lot. It might also happen that the parking lot in the shopping mall might be full. In such cases, the customers will look for parking spaces. It makes good business sense to rent out parking spaces in such areas.

Renting of a parking space benefits both the owner and the tenant. The owner because he is able to easily generate an income out of the space. The tenant because the idea of having a fixed parking space when he reaches his destination gives him peace of mind. Another benefit is that the rentals charged by individuals are marginally lower than those charged by parking companies.

To find a tenant for your parking space, all you have to do is list your parking space on a space listing website. This makes your space visible to a wide variety of seekers. You can market your space effectively using the website. Space seekers will be able to get your details through the website and will be able to contact you directly.

In Australia, one of the leading space listing websites is Smarter Spaces. By listing your parking space to rent on this site, you can rest assured that you will easily find a tenant for your space.

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