Monetise Your Space Today

Own a warehouse!

If you have a ware house then this can add a permanent recurring income as well. Not everyone can afford to buy such a big space. So, they are left with no other option but to rent it. And that’s not a bad option. You don’t have to spend so much in one go and it becomes beneficial for the owner too as he can enjoy the profits monthly or weekly.

Give your store for rent

Stores are highly needed by business men and their requirement can benefit you somehow. Just give your store for rent to the potential customers to earn huge profits. Also, you can give the front of your store for advertisement. Often, people need some front doors, walls or shutters to advertise. What can be as good as this? You can earn from the front of your store too if you yourself are using your store to stock up the things or you may give both to different renters to earn the maximum profits.

The demand for space is increasing day by day. People need space to grow and you are the right person for them to help in running their business. Give your unused space for rent and earn money. The extra space actually makes money for you. There are many advantages of renting the space smartly which are as follows:

  • Monetisation of the extra space
  • It saves time and money
  • No worries about renting
  • No worries about collecting rent
  • Constant growth
  • Minimum hassle
  • Your property remains yours

Be your own boss

What to share and when to share is wholly decided by you. You know your space the best. You have the power to decide how much space you want to rent and for how long.  You can give your townhouse for rent, a store, a ware house or any other extra space in or around your home. Set the minimum terms and give your customers the flexibility of renting that space. It is important to be flexible with limited restrictions.


It is very important to fix the price of your lease to avoid future troubles. The space is yours and you have the right to keep the value of it. But remember to stay reasonable, it should not be too high or too low. You can always negotiate the price if it doesn’t suits you. But keep in mind to fix the price before the deal is done.

Be a good owner

It is always suggested to be very transparent in your dealing. Besides renting, there could be special requirements like electrical energy, antennas, air conditioners, back up power, sound proofing, kitchen facilities and many more. But these things are not included in the basic lease. So, make sure to include these by negotiating with the tenant besides renting to stay away from any misunderstanding in the future. You may be ready to rent your space but always take the professional guidance to make it a success.

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