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When an entrepreneur is setting up an enterprise, his first requirement is that of a suitable office accommodation. Office accommodation is the actual premises where the office is housed. The location, layout of the office, and the facilities provided play an important role in the smooth functioning of the office. If an office does not have proper accommodation it could adversely affect its output.

Selection of the premises has three basic criteria:

1. It’s location: Location is determined by the nature of the business; whether a client interface is required or not; etc.

2. It’s size: Determinant of the size of an office is the type of activity carried out by the enterprise.

3. Amount to be invested on the premises: This will help the businessman decide whether he wants to construct an office, purchase an already constructed premise, or rent an office.

When a business is in its initial stages, taking an office for a long-term lease is not an ideal solution. It is always better to look for short-term rentals. With so many small businesses starting up globally, the concept renting offices and office spaces has come in vogue. This is mutually beneficial to both; the owner of the office or office space and the tenant renting the space.This is because many organisations have some extra space in their office which they can give for short term rentals. This helps them in reducing their rental burden to some extent. It also helps the businessman taking the space on rent because he can set up a temporary office in a prime location with a minimal outflow.

Some individuals while starting a business may start it from their homes in order to minimize the expense of setting up an office. A business could be started in spare space of an apartment also.

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There are a number of ways in which office spaces are rented out. They are:

1. Serviced offices

2. Shared offices

3. Co-working, etc.

A serviced office is generally located in central business areas in a city. They are usually managed by a facility management team. This team rents out rooms or entire floors to companies to run their business. These offices are ready to move in and they provide a number of facilities to the tenant in addition to space. They are fully equipped with furniture, telephone, internet facilities etc. They may additionally provide common facilities, such as a receptionist, usage of fax machines, printers, photocopiers etc.

Renting space within another office is another way in which office space can be shared. These spaces are available for short-term rentals as required by the businessman. This arrangement reduces the liabilities of the business.

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