Pep up Your Retail Business With a Pop up Shop

A popular commercial activity is setting up a retail shop. A retail shop is one that sells products in small quantities to its customers. When one is contemplating venturing into retail business, it is better to start on a small scale and introduce the products to the customers. This helps the retailer in gauging the response of the customers to his products. Based on this, he can decide his business strategies and then think in terms of renting or leasing larger premises.

Pop up Shop

A pop up shop is set up temporarily for the promotion of products. This has become a popular method used by retailers for introducing new products into the market. A pop up shop could be a kiosk in a shopping centre or an outlet in an exhibition centre, etc. This is beneficial because such a shop requires minimal investment and the retailer need not make any structural changes in the space.

During a festival like Christmas, many businessmen rent pop up shops for a short duration in order to sell Christmas products.

Pop up shops are also used by online suppliers. They display their products in a pop up shop so that customers can visit them and get a feel of the product. A pop up shop of this type also generates a confidence in the customer regarding the reliability of the shop. A pop up shop for online products is also useful for customers who order  online and are unavailable to collect their orders. These shops can store the products and customers can pick them up as per their convenience.

A pop-up shop can be set up at a number of locations-

A shop within a shop- When a retailer intends setting up a pop-up shop inside another shop, he should look for a shop which has a product range which complements his products and in a location where he would like to set up his future store.

Gallery or Event space- This is the ideal pop-up location for products such as women’s jewellery, accessories, and high-end apparels

Shopping Centre- Kiosk or Booth space located in prominent spots in shopping centres.

Vacant street level retail spaces- These are the most popular location for pop-up shops for promotions.

As space renting is becoming popular, owners of spaces are allowing more flexibility to their tenants. Retailers now have the option of acquiring a shop on a casual lease, which is a lease for a very brief period or a short-term lease when the shop is required for a slightly longer duration.

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