Smarter Working with Smarter Spaces

In this modern day and age, one of the biggest challenges before us is effective space utilisation. Smarter Spaces is a portal where anyone can list extra space like small office space, venues, locations for small businesses or spaces for restaurants and many more. Smarter Spaces helps its users in getting space as per their requirement in a variety of ways.

Renting Office Spaces

One of the most popular trends today for small businesses is to take up small office spaces which could be just sharing a space in office by using a desk and chair and some basic office facilities. Or it could be a serviced office where an entire room or floor is taken on lease by a firm. The owner of the office space provides facilities such as heating, air conditioning, meeting room, security, receptionist, IT, admin support etc.

Benefits of sharing office space to the business are:

1.They can establish an office in a prime location, which they may not be able to afford.
2.Because of their location they are able to attract clients.
3.They save on establishment costs etc.

If you have extra space in your building or office or even your apartment which could be rented, go ahead and list it on Smarter Spaces and soon clients will be queuing up to lease it.

Renting Restaurant Spaces

When somebody is considering setting up a new restaurant; there are a number of ways he can go about selecting and finalizing the space for the restaurant. Sometimes the person might just go ahead to lease a property and run a restaurant as per their ideas, others might rent an existing restaurant and continue with the lease of the previous owners. Some others might lease a restaurant space that has been vacated and modify its interiors to suit their needs. People who have space available for setting up restaurants can come forward and list their spaces on this user friendly, smart website and smartly attract their customers.

Renting Venues

To organize meetings, parties, and events such as weddings and some other celebrations and get-togethers, suitable venues are required. Selection of a venue is a very important decision. Sometimes the availability of the space may dictate the choice. There are always a wide variety of venues for an event. It could be a golf course, a banquet hall or a party hall for an event. Depending on the weather, the hosts decide on indoor or outdoor location. When the event is not very formal, the host could also prefer a restaurant for the event. Smarter Spaces brings together the host of the event and the owner of the venue. Since people are celebrating various events all through the year, it is highly beneficial to list down the venue on Smarter Spaces because it has a very wide reach and listing your property on this site will increase your clientele multi-fold.

So if you have the extra space, Smarter Spaces has the clientele for you. Use your extra space smartly and benefit yourself and the person needing the space.

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