Sponsor An Event- Build Your Image

Sponsorship implies being associated with an event in a way that you can advertise for your firm through this association. However, while sponsoring the event the company must see to it that the nature of its product range matches the event being sponsored. For instance, it would be apt for a manufacturer of sportswear to sponsor a sports event.


In Australia, there are a number of events that a company can sponsor.

1. Surf lifesaver club sponsorship

2. Tennis club sponsorship

3. Australian Football League (AFL) Sponsorship

4. Bowls club Sponsorship

5. Football club sponsorship

6. Cricket club sponsorship

7. Rugby sponsorship

8. Sports club sponsorship

There are a number of ways in which a company can advertise its products by sponsoring any of the above clubs. Through onsite banners, flags, signage, television screens throughout the club and giveaways and product samples.

Benefits of Sponsorship are:

  • The company gets free advertising on advertising screen.

  • The club members are exposed to the products.

  • The members of other clubs who participate in tournaments are also exposed to the products.

  • The products are given a coverage in the media when an event is being conducted.

  • The firm has the opportunity to interact directly with the customer during and after the event.

In addition to these, sponsorship gives a firm a competitive advantage. It also improves the image and credibility of the firm. Earlier sponsoring an event was considered an expensive proposition and was done by larger firms. But now the trend has changed, companies irrespective of their sizes are trying to sponsor events. This is because firms have now realized the benefits of sponsorship. Sponsoring an event helps a firm establish closer and better relations with current and potential customers. Sponsorships increase short-term and long-term sales.

With the advancement in technology, it has become very easy for sponsorship seekers to connect with sponsors of events. This has also motivated businesses to sponsor different types of events. There are a number of websites which provide this facility available. So the sponsorship is not restricted by geographical boundaries. People located in one country can sponsor an event in a country at a distance from it. An event can be listed on a site to generate interest in sponsors.

This is done online in the following steps.

club sponsorship

1. The sponsorship seeker needs to create his/her profile on the site.

2. Then he needs to submit his event.

3. This will be reviewed and published.

4. It will be communicated to the sponsors through the site.

5. Sponsors will find out about your event and connect with the sponsorship seeker.

6. Both the parties can discuss the event and the sponsorship offerings.

One such website is Smarter Spaces. It is a leading space listing website in Australia which connects sponsors of events in Australia with sponsorship seekers. It has various events held in Australia listed. Any firm looking to sponsor any of the events can browse through the site and select the event they want to sponsor.

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