Use Your Office Space Smartly

Smarter Spaces means a smarter way of using space. With the growth in population all over the world, space is becoming a very scarce resource; prices of land and property are skyrocketing. At such times it is a good idea to use our property, land or office building diligently.

Any business needs an office space. For small businesses, setting up and maintaining permanent offices are an expensive affair and the company might also not be in a position to spend enough time on setting up the office. This has brought in the culture of renting office spaces or locations, especially by small businesses.

There are various reasons that one could need to rent temporary office space.

  1. A temporary office space might be required, for instance, when one is shifting an office.
  2. Sometimes an organisation may need to take some temporary extra staff.
  3. It might also be required when one is contemplating setting up a new enterprise and might just want to set up a temporary office for short duration.

There could be more reasons than these for setting up a temporary office. At such times, instead of going for a long term lease it is useful to set up a temporary office.

There could be some flexible options that can be opted while leasing a space:

  1. Serviced Offices

These are designed to rent space to a number of offices. They provide attributes such as:

  • Access to Executive meeting room.
  • IT and support functions
  • Reception facility
  • Some even provide creche facilities

In a serviced office room, the user of the office may be allowed to have decor or paint of his choice. But this is more expensive than the other two.

  1. Shared Offices

This is a system where if an office has spare desks, they rent them out temporarily. There are many benefits of this type of arrangement. All utility and broadband fees are included in monthly rental.

  1. Co- Working Arrangement

This arrangement is mid way between shared and serviced arrangement. Here also desks are rented out and space is available on a per desk basis and everyone is mixed together.

Main advantages of renting temporary office spaces/ business locations are:

  • They are ready to move in and save time and cost of setting up
  • They are located in prime locations and hence help in the growth of the business because they are easily accessible to the clients
  • Since they are located in prime locations, renting them is a cheaper option than buying
  • The payments can be decided conveniently, whether you want on  daily, monthly or yearly basis
  • They are available in different sizes and price ranges

After understanding all these benefits who wouldn’t want to rent their unused or extra vacant space. Listing your property on Smarter Spaces is very easy and the fee is also very nominal. Anyone who needs an office space or anyone who wants to rent out an office space can easily do it on Smarter Spaces with the click of a button.

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