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What we do

Smarter Spaces is Australia’s market leader in the space-for-profit industry. We offer space-providers a high-visibility platform for their vacant spaces and evaluate their spaces to identify profitable uses, ranging from advertising to event bookings. Meanwhile, space-seekers count on us to present an unparalleled selection of spaces in every shape, size and style. We see potential where others can’t and leave no stone unturned in our quest to provide space-maximising, profit-optimising solutions for the entrepreneur in all of us.

What Can Smarter Spaces Do For You

Smarter Spaces is a marketplace connecting space-owners with space-seekers to provide financially-efficient, time-flexible space solutions in today’s competitive real estate industry. Space-providers have the opportunity to showcase their unique spaces via carefully curated, highly detailed listings and are given complete autonomy over who rents their spaces, for how much and for how long. Space shoppers, in turn, are equipped to make fully-informed decisions as to the spaces that best fit their property needs. Whether for a daily, weekly or monthly lease, Smarter Spaces brings space-seekers and space-providers together to find a win-win solution to using space.

How it all works

Smarter Spaces understands that long leases aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some online entrepreneurs just want a temporary venue - a pop-up store - to showcase their products in a brick-and-mortar venue. Trade fair and business conference organisers are, by definition, always on the lookout for short leases. And when demand for long leases drops as a result, property owners seeking long-term tenants are left in the lurch. But no longer. With Smarter Spaces, short-term leases just got a whole lot easier. Space-owners seeking long-term tenants can lease out their property in the interim period to maximise profits. Short-term tenants get a wider range of options. And space-owners may just decide that short-term rentals are the more profitable option after all. Everybody wins, because Smarter Spaces puts YOU in the driving seat and gives you the power to choose the space solution that works best for your needs.

Maximising Returns with Pop-Up Stores

For space-seekers and space-providers alike, pop-up stores are a fantastic way to maximise profits. For small businesses, the pop-up model is the ideal way to conduct market research and assess business viability, before committing to a long-term lease. Travelling pop-up stores also present a cost-effective way to generate wider publicity, particularly for online stores – nothing gets customers more excited like a limited time only brick-and-mortar showcase of popular online retail products. On the space-providing front, property owners will by now have realised that in the current economic climate, long-term leases are hard sells for burgeoning businesses. With long-term tenants hard to come by, it makes no sense to sit and wait while your empty space goes unused and unloved. Short-term leases for pop-up ventures reap immediate and consistent returns on your property investment while you wait for a profitable long-term lease to rear its head. And you never know – if your space gains reputation as a hip locale for an ever-rotating line-up of exciting pop-up events, it might just become the latest place to see and be seen by people in the know, which surely qualifies as good publicity!

Beauty Salon

In this video, Smarter Spaces transforms Tracy’s beauty salon into a bustling hub for cosmetic services! Sole proprietors like Tracy often end up with commercial spaces that far exceed their needs. After all, you can’t exactly find shops with just enough space for a couple of hairdressing chairs. Smarter Spaces enables Tracy to offer her hair salon as a co-working space to other beauty professionals, so that every inch of floor space is fully utilised and generating revenue. Smarter Spaces collects rent from her tenants in advance so she can count on getting paid, and with that revenue, and the profits from her flourishing business, she can expand her working space into a full-service cosmetic business complete with hair services, nail services and more. Smarter Spaces isn’t just about short-term rental solutions, but also about building long-term business success!

Mechanic Shop

Underutilised space isn’t just a drain on your resources – it’s a missed opportunity for greater profits. But Billy isn’t having any of that. When he realises that he has far too many service bays for his two-employee mechanic business, he lists his spare bays with Smarter Spaces and finds a tenant who not only shoulders Billy’s rental costs, but attracts more clients to Billy’s workshop due to their mutually complementary businesses. Pretty soon, the workshop is bringing in enough money for Billy to exploit his spare sparking space and generate another revenue stream. Turning resource drains into profitable opportunities? It’s all part of what we do on a daily basis at Smarter Spaces!

Importance of Space Uitilisation

Traditional business wisdom might say you need a long-term space to achieve sustainable success, but the achievements of hundreds of pop-up ventures across Australia have put that notion to bed. When you have absolute control over the size of your leased space and the length of your lease, you can make sure not a single inch of floor space goes to waste and avoid expensive, potentially loss-making long lease commitments. By relying primarily on pop-up stores and bringing in your products in small batches, you save tons on storage costs, conquer a larger market and ensure that your use of retail space adds to, rather than detracts from your hard-earned profits.

Public Shops - Brilliant Idea to save money

They say the secret in real estate is location, location, location. But as new malls pop up, or new neighbourhoods become gentrified, the hottest spot in town is always changing. In this dynamic environment, where this week’s hot topic might be next week’s has-been, how does a business owner guarantee he’ll always be at the heart of things? It’s simple – stay on the move. With a pop-up store, your short-term lease commitments give you the freedom to follow your customer base wherever they go. And as your store travels, so will word-of-mouth about the high-quality products your business offers. Don’t be the “local” store tied up in a long lease. Free yourself to think bigger, think dynamic and think smart, with Smarter Spaces.