Home    Maximising Returns with Pop-Up Stores

For space-seekers and space-providers alike, pop-up stores are a fantastic way to maximise profits.

For small businesses, the pop-up model is the ideal way to conduct market research and assess business viability, before committing to a long-term lease. Travelling pop-up stores also present a cost-effective way to generate wider publicity, particularly for online stores – nothing gets customers more excited like a limited time only brick-and-mortar showcase of popular online retail products.

On the space-providing front, property owners will by now have realised that in the current economic climate, long-term leases are hard sells for burgeoning businesses. With long-term tenants hard to come by, it makes no sense to sit and wait while your empty space goes unused and unloved. Short-term leases for pop-up ventures reap immediate and consistent returns on your property investment while you wait for a profitable long-term lease to rear its head. And you never know – if your space gains reputation as a hip locale for an ever-rotating line-up of exciting pop-up events, it might just become the latest place to see and be seen by people in the know, which surely qualifies as good publicity!

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