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Redefine Life holistic health support spaces

Suites 5 and 6/171,Boronia Road,Boronia,Victoria,3155,Australia

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    Redefine Life is located in Melbourne’s leafy eastern suburbs at Level 1, 171 Boronia Road, Boronia, 3155, adjacent to the Boronia Village Shopping Centre.

    We have rooms available for counsellors or other professional practitioners who offer a treatment style with a focus on the client as an individual and a respect for individual strengths unique to that person.  We also provide opportunities to connect with other service providers.

    Rooms are available on a sessional or permanent basis, subject to availability. 

    Casual fees are $20 per hour

    Permanent half day is $50 (midnight to 1pm if morning, and 1pm to midnight if afternoon)

    Permanent full day is $75 (midnight to midnight). Full day rates reduce if more than 3 days are required on a permanent basis.

    You are your own business, but in a friendly team environment, with networking opportunities.

    We would love to hear from you, to see if we are the right fit for your service.


    Facilities include:

    • Waiting room
    • Kitchen facilities
    • Internet facilities
    • Toilet Facilities
    • Onsite parking
    • Cooling/heating
    • Close to public transport
    • Limited storage space
    • Furnished rooms: include 2 tub chairs, side table, mood lighting, cupboard, tissues, bin, desk, and chair.
    • Soundproofing to protect client confidentiality

    Personal requirements:

    • You must have your own clientele
    • Your own public liability insurance (and any other personal insurance you may require for your particular service.
    • Be responsible for your own client scheduling and greeting.


    Security system

    Additional Information

    Price (By Day): $75