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Here at Smarter Spaces, we see space differently. What others might dismiss as an empty lot, we see as a crowded carpark. When we look at a garage, we see a disused mechanic’s workshop, a tech start-up’s office, even a pet hotel. Everywhere we look, we see the potential for profit. And we’re going to help you see your space through our eyes.

Smarter Spaces gives space providers the unrivalled opportunity to list their space for free with a high-traffic, high-visibility industry heavyweight. Whether you wish to lease by the day, week or month, we charge zero listing fees. We put the space provider in the driver’s seat, giving them complete autonomy over the use of their property – and once they have made up their mind, we get the word out there for them, because quality services deserve quality publicity.

So act now. Every day your free space sits unused is a day of missed opportunity and lost revenue. Whether it’s a car park, open space, market lot, window display, industrial building or a shopping centre, Smarter Spaces is the number one stop for finding a use of vacant space. If you need ideas, our experienced strategists have developed in-depth guides on using free space for purposes as diverse as pop-up shops, sponsorships and casual leases. Getting the most out of spare space has never been this easy or profitable. Options include –

  • Advertising space – This might be the simplest method of utilizing vacant space, but don’t underestimate advertising uses. With the high client turnover rate, advertising can be a very profitable option. Smarter Spaces has turned many free spaces in community sports clubs into advertising bonanzas, and we can do the same for you.
  • Pop-up shops – With the costs of long leases going through the roof, entrepreneurs are looking for ways to dip their toes in the water and test the market without committing to a costly long lease they might not be able to afford. Your lovely space might just provide the perfect short-term showcase for the best their business has to offer. Space-providers keen on short leases and an exciting, constantly rotating selection of clients (as opposed to an empty premises) can use our fully-managed services to get in touch with an immense range of small business owners looking to “pop up” in your locality.
  • Commercial and shared spaces – Inspired by the free-and-easy model of successful tech start-ups, newly-minted businesses are increasingly turning to co-working spaces for their office needs. If you’re looking for a more conventional option, of course, traditional offices are always going to be a mainstay of the space-provision industry. Either way, commercial uses are certainly one of the most profitable options for your vacant space, so get in touch with one of our hundreds of space-hungry enterprises. Your property might be exactly what they need to implement their business expansion!
  • Events and function venues – From team-bonding events to research conferences, companies are always on the lookout for event spaces – the bigger the better. And if you can reorganise your space to suit each function, all the better – you might get a share of event planning fees as well! Check out the Events section of our website to get ideas on how to turn your space into the latest must-book function venue in town.

Sign up as a space provider now, and access the largest market of space-seekers available on the Internet. Or register as a space-seeker, and take your pick from the biggest and best online selection of free spaces. For more information about who we are and what we do, follow this link – and be prepared to have your financial perspective transformed, when you realise how easy it is to expand your revenue stream with Smarter Spaces!


  • A space provider is the person wanting to lease out their empty space/ property.
  • A space seeker is the person looking to find a space for their needs.
  • Space providers get to list their space for FREE.
  • Smarter Spaces charges a 10% booking fee + GST only once the booking is confirmed for providers. No extra payments and no fees applicable to seekers.
  • For a step-by-step guide on how to list or find a property follow the help tab and look for our ‘How-to guides’
  • For any further enquiries feel free to head to the ‘contact us’ page and email or call us with any extra information that you require.