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Space renting has become the norm of the day. People are seeking spaces for a variety of reasons. The need for space has given rise to a new business of renting out of spaces by owners of extra space. This arrangement works perfectly for both parties. The space seekers can rent or hire space on a temporary basis at low rates and the owners of space can earn an income from their space.

The need to rent a meeting room arises when a firm does not have a meeting room of its own. This happens in the case of companies that are sharing office spaces, firms that have virtual offices or entrepreneurs working from home.

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Though the ways of running a business may have changed over the years, the need for face-to-face interaction still exists. For such interactions, meeting rooms are required. Meeting rooms are needed for short-term rentals by companies which need temporary space for conducting interviews, product launches, seminars, etc.

When a meeting room is required, the most important criterion is the size of the room. This is determined by the number of attendees. The rent of the meeting room is directly proportional to its size. Once a room is selected. It needs to be reserved in advance for the date of the meeting.

Depending on the nature of the meeting, the layout of the meeting room is decided. For instance, if the meeting is interactive the setup should be such that people can see each other. A boardroom or a U-shaped kind of set up works well for this type of meeting for a group of up to twenty-five people. For larger groups, a hollow kind of a set up is better. If the meeting involves group work, a ‘circular’ set up is beneficial. For meetings requiring presentations to be made, a classroom type of set up is best.

After deciding on the layout, the businessman needs to check on various equipment and facilities being provided in the room. Some basic requirements for a meeting room are computer hookups, WiFi facility, sufficient electrical power, overhead projector, slide projector, remote control for projectors, microphone, radio, adequate lighting, etc.

With so many start-ups who have small or shared offices and no meeting rooms, if you own a meeting room in you could easily get returns on it by renting it out. It has become very easy to get tenants for your meeting room. You can do it yourself. You only need to list your space on a space listing website. There are a number of websites available these days. You need to carefully select a site that is reliable, has a good reach and is user-friendly.

If your space happens to be in Australia, you are in luck!! The best website for listing any kind of extra space is Smarter Spaces. You can advertise your meeting room easily on this site. This site can be accessed by people all over Australia. The site also shares the listing on social media sites to increase your reach.

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