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In the era in which we live, we can easily say that the most valuable commodity we can own is space. Any kind of extra, unused space can bring us huge profits. This extra space could be as simple as a storage shed in your backyard to an extra space in your office or an apartment or sometimes even a driveway. It is not always possible to buy the space that a person needs. This is due to the spiraling costs of real estate. Therefore, people are now looking to rent or hire spaces.

People could require space for a variety of reasons. Some of them are:

1. Sometimes people might need to rent a party hall. You might own a large room where you could house a number of people. You could rent it out for hosting parties.

2. Renting an apartment is a common requirement everywhere. You might own an apartment which you are not using and give to a person in need on rent. It could be a studio accommodation or a bigger apartment which somebody might make his home.

3. You might have unused space in your display window in your shop. There will be people interested in renting that space to display their merchandise. This space could also be used for placing mannequins etc, to attract the attention of the customers.

4. People are on a look out for spaces to put up their retail shops or stores either in a shopping mall or on the roadside in a commercial area. So, if you have a shop which you might be thinking of closing down, or maybe when you are moving to another location, you could rent out your shop.

5. Due to parking problems, people are even ready to pay for parking spaces and take them for rent. So, you could consider renting out space in your driveway.

6. Temporary storage space is another common requirement. People are in need of storage warehouses, sheds, etc.

7. Demand for office spaces is on the rise. Most firms have a lot of extra unused space in their office. These offices might be located in prime business locations. Renting out this extra space is beneficial to both parties. Small businesses and start-ups are always on a look out for office space.

rooms to rent for parties

Now, you might wonder how you can advertise your space so as to attract customers. One of the easiest ways is by listing your space on a portal. There a number of websites which have different types of spaces listed on them. You have to choose your website very carefully. In Australia, one of the most viewed sites for space rental is Smarter Spaces. It is a reliable site and has a large customer base. This site has a wide selection of flexible spaces. So, you can list any kind of space giving its location and size and prospective space seekers will contact you. When you list on this site, Smarter Spaces additionally lists the space on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Listing on Smarter Spaces is definitely a smart way to earn money by renting out your extra space.

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