Feel At Home In A Temporary Furnished House

corporate housing

With trade and business between countries gaining momentum, business travel has become a necessity. The travel could be for a short while or for a longer duration. For such travel, […]

Posted By: admin on February 20, 2017

Smart Sharing Of Spaces


Rising populations have created a problem of adequate space for everyone. This has resulted in high real estate prices. This has affected the way in which businesses are acquiring space […]

Posted By: admin on December 6, 2016

Tips On Shop Space Renting


Renting space for retail business has become the most popular option for procuring space. The retail business requires a shop space. Owners of such spaces benefit by renting out spaces […]

Posted By: admin on December 6, 2016

Short Term Accommodation Renting


The popularity of short term property rental is on the rise. This is especially true when people are seeking spaces such as apartments/ houses/ furnished apartments, etc. These types of […]

Posted By: admin on December 5, 2016

Advertising For Effective Sales


Advertising is basically an act of calling public attention towards a product or a service. Effective advertising of a product is the main ingredient for its successful marketing. There are […]

Posted By: admin on December 1, 2016

Popular Trend Of Renting Commercial Space


With different kinds of commercial activities on the rise, demand for commercial spaces has increased multifold in the past few years. In order to meet this demand, the idea of […]

Posted By: admin on November 30, 2016

Benefits Of Space Renting


The latest trend for procuring business premises is by renting them. Renting of business premises has become popular because of the availability of offices in different sizes at different locations. […]

Posted By: admin on November 21, 2016

Lease Your Retail Space To Maximise Your Income


In any kind of a start up,  the location and type of space are vital for its success.  Retail business can be carried out through retail stores in commercial areas […]

Posted By: admin on November 19, 2016

Work Space Renting


When an entrepreneur starts a business, he should be clear about the kind of space he needs for the business. The type of space required is dictated by the nature […]

Posted By: admin on November 15, 2016

Benefit From Your Excess Space


High property prices and the shortage of space have given rise to the concept of space sharing. Today, owners of different types of spaces are earning an easy income by […]

Posted By: admin on November 14, 2016

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