rental space

In the era in which we live, we can easily say that the most valuable commodity we can own is space. Any kind of extra, unused space can bring us […]

Posted By: admin on March 29, 2017

Smart Ideas For Usage Of Space

Casual lease hairdresser's chair

Space renting has opened doors for new opportunities. These days more businessmen are attempting to venture into new fields, due availability of space at low costs. Owners of excess spaces […]

Posted By: admin on February 23, 2017

Feel At Home In A Temporary Furnished House

corporate housing

With trade and business between countries gaining momentum, business travel has become a necessity. The travel could be for a short while or for a longer duration. For such travel, […]

Posted By: admin on February 20, 2017

Retail Space Renting

retail space renting

When an entrepreneur thinks of setting up a store, one of the important business decisions he needs to take is a location of the store. For this, he needs to […]

Posted By: admin on February 13, 2017

Renting Parking Spaces

Empty parking lot wall. Urban, industrial background.

If you have spare parking space you can transform it into a money- making resource. You might wonder how this is possible. For renting out your empty car park space […]

Posted By: admin on January 13, 2017

Smart Sharing Of Spaces


Rising populations have created a problem of adequate space for everyone. This has resulted in high real estate prices. This has affected the way in which businesses are acquiring space […]

Posted By: admin on December 6, 2016

Tips On Shop Space Renting


Renting space for retail business has become the most popular option for procuring space. The retail business requires a shop space. Owners of such spaces benefit by renting out spaces […]

Posted By: admin on December 6, 2016

Space Renting- A Boon For Small Businesses


In these times of scarce space availability, people are finding new ways to meet their space requirements. Need for space is a universal. One might need to rent space for […]

Posted By: admin on December 6, 2016

Short Term Accommodation Renting


The popularity of short term property rental is on the rise. This is especially true when people are seeking spaces such as apartments/ houses/ furnished apartments, etc. These types of […]

Posted By: admin on December 5, 2016

Pep up Your Retail Business With a Pop up Shop


A popular commercial activity is setting up a retail shop. A retail shop is one that sells products in small quantities to its customers. When one is contemplating venturing into […]

Posted By: admin on December 3, 2016

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