Smart Ideas For Usage Of Space

rent studio space

Space renting has opened doors for new opportunities. These days more businessmen are attempting to venture into new fields, due availability of space at low costs. Owners of excess spaces are also making most of this growing demand for space. Renting out excess space has also become a new business idea. Owners have the option of renting out their space on a casual lease for a short term or a long term rental.

Some creative ideas for renting out space that are emerging:

Renting space in a beauty parlour

If a beautician is thinking of starting her business on her own, it is a good idea for her to try out her services in an already established beauty room. This gives her exposure to an already established clientele. She can try out her services on them. She can get a feedback from them and improvise. She also has a chance of attracting clients so that they approach her for regular services. This space can be rented for a day or longer. This type of casual leasing helps the beautician as she can start her business with a low investment and test the market.

salon space for rent

Casual lease of hairdresser’s chair

In this case, also, a hairdresser can lease a chair in an already established salon. He also has the benefit of providing services to an already established client base. It also gives him the benefit of locating his services in a prime location.

In both these cases, payment terms could be either, paying a fixed sum as rent; or paying a percentage of the total earnings for the period the space is rented or paying a fixed rent and a small percentage of the earnings.This arrangement benefits the owner of the beauty room or salon because he does not have to invest on anything. He is just leasing out space that is lying idle for him. This way he is making a profit out of his excess space.

Rent studio space

For starting a recording studio, there are two options of space available to the businessman. Some businessmen prefer to start their studio from home. Whereas there are others who prefer to rent space to start their venture. The benefit of renting a studio space is that the owner can give his undivided attention to his business. He can locate himself such that he can catch the eye of prospective clients, etc. The owner of the space benefits by collecting a good amount as rent.

All that owner needs to do is find seekers for such spaces. This is not such an uphill task. To find a tenant, all that he needs to do is list his space on a space listing website. It is better to select a site with a high search engine ranking. This ensures a high traffic to the site which in turn enhances the visibility of your space.

One such site for listing space is Smarter Spaces. This site shares the listing on social media sites to further advance your reach. So, you can only gain by listing on this site.

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