Make Most Of Your Extra Office Space

sublet office spaces

Sharing office space is a new age concept. A business may need to set up an office in a commercial area.

Various types of office space requirements could be:

1. For setting up a temporary office: This type of office is an office space arrangement where a firm can rent furnished office space for a short-term, without having to get into a long-term lease agreement.

This type of arrangement is beneficial when:

  • A business is undergoing renovation or constructing a new office.

  • For temporary expansion

  • Start-ups, that are trying to gauge the response of the market

2. For setting up a virtual office:

A start-up may consider working from home in order to reduce the expenses involved in setting up an office. This has the drawback that, this type of an office adversely affects the image of the firm. Some companies offer all the facilities you require to build a corporate image without the need to actually invest in real estate. They offer a business phone number, a receptionist to answer your calls, a corporate business address for your mail, etc. This way you can work from anywhere and yet have a corporate image to impress your lenders and clients.

3. For setting up a small office:

If you are considering starting a business from home, one more drawback that this type of setup has is, that there is a difficulty in collaborative thinking. Though employees could interact through Skype but there can be no brainstorming sessions. For this, it is better to have a small office where the employees can interact. Small offices are also set up when the number of employees is less. In such cases, the firm does not require a large office space.

In all of the above cases, office space is required. The businessman has three options while selecting an office space He could:

1. Buy an office space in a building

2. He could rent or lease space in a building

3. He could occupy a space sublet or sublease in an already existing office.

virtual office space

This leads us to the question, where and how to get these office spaces for rent or lease. The internet has made space renting very easy. There are portals where owners of extra spaces are able to list their extra space. This is now available to people seeking those spaces. You can just browse through the site and search for office space having the area and location of your choice. People who have extra space in their office, also list it to be rented. This space is sublet or subleased to businesses of similar nature. This makes it mutually beneficial.

Listing space on a website requires due consideration on the part of the owner. It is recommended to list your property on a reliable site even if they charge a fee. Because when you pay the nominal fee, you not only buy their service but also peace of mind. When it comes to listing on a reliable site in Australia, the most visited site is Smarter Spaces. As the name suggests, it is a smart solution for all your space problems.

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