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  • Register yourself as a space provider/ space seeker by selecting Sign In and then “Don’t have an account Sign up”.
  • Enter all your details on this page
  • Ensure you check your email inbox/junk folders for an activation link and select this link.
  • Once this link is selected it will take you to the homepage where your account will now be active.

Listing your space

  • Ensure you are signed in as a Space Provider as per the title underneath your name.
  • From the dropdown menu select ‘Submit new property’.
  • Allow Smarter Spaces to access your location.
  • Follow all the steps on the following page, ensuring you enter a price per day, week or month and upload any images and videos of your space.
  • 5. Select submit property and then your space will be listed and live on

Request a Space

  • Ensure you are signed in as a Space Seeker as per the title underneath your name.
  • Select the box on the home page that reads “Can’t Find Your Space? Register & Request Now”.
  • Enter in the details of the space you are looking for.
  • Once submitted you will find your request on the “People Looking For Space” page which can be found under the “Search” tab on the home page.
  • Once uploaded we will market to match up your space needs to a relevant provider.

Finding a space

  • Ensure you are signed in as a seeker as per the title underneath your name.
  • Use the search tab to enter in your location, category of space you are looking for and the price range.
  • Select ‘apply filter’ to find spaces matching your details or leave all fields blank to search through every space available.
  • Select the space that you wish to book.
  • Select your dates by day, week or month.
  • Select book the property and wait for the space provider to reply.

Booking process

  • Space seeker selects space they wish to book.
  • Space seeker enters in dates and selects book the property.
  • Space provider will receive notification and personal email that someone wishes to book their space.
  • Space provider may accept/ reject the booking by following the link in their email or going to the ‘property booking history’ tab.
  • Space seeker will receive notification and personal email that their booking has either been accepted/ rejected.
  • If accepted, the seeker can then select pay now under the ‘property booking history’ tab and will go through to the payment screen.
  • If the booking is lasting over 30/31 days an option of monthly payment is available to the seeker otherwise full payment must be made.
  • All payments are made via PayPal/ Pin Payments and once payment has been made the booking will be confirmed.
  • All payments will be held via Smarter Spaces trust account until the commencement of the booking where the money will be transferred over to providers account as per the ‘billing details’ tab in the dropdown menu.
  • Smarter Spaces do keep 10% of the booking fee + GST meaning the provider will receive 90% of the full booking price. No fees apply to seekers.