Short Term Space Renting

Short term renting of space is when someone takes a space on a rental basis for a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This type of renting is done for various types of requirements. Short-term renting could be required for renting storage space, for a pop-up store or a furnished apartment.

The main benefit of renting out space on a short-term basis for an owner is that he has the flexibility to change the rent as per the demand for his space. For instance, when an owner is providing an apartment for a short-term rental, he can hike up the rent during the holiday season.

Short Term Apartment Rental

Short term house renting has gained popularity. More people prefer this kind of accommodation when compared to hotel accommodation. This is because they are able to get more space and facilities at a lower rate.

Short term flat renting is done by people who have moved to a new city and are looking for accommodation; people who might be getting their homes renovated; individuals on business travel, tourists, etc.

Short term furnished apartments have a drawing room, dining room, and bedroom/ bedrooms with all the furniture. In addition, they have a fully equipped kitchen. They also have washing machines, cable TV free Wi-Fi etc. All this makes the stay in a furnished apartment a comfortable one.

Short Term Holiday Rentals

This is another concept that has become popular among tourists. This is especially true for families. This is because the space in a hotel room is limited so they may need to book extra rooms to accommodate everyone. Whereas, in a furnished apartment, the whole family can stay together in a home.

Short Term Storage

Storage spaces are generally required for temporary storage of material. Storage spaces could be warehouses, garages or storage sheds. The demand for these spaces is perennial. This is because everyone needs space to store goods at some stage or the other. The nature of the material to be stored could be personal, official or industrial.

Renting out property on a short term basis, whether it is an apartment or storage space is a lucrative business plan for an owner. This is because there is always a demand for this kind of space. In short, term renting the owner has the flexibility to rent out space as per his will. He might himself require the space sometimes and he can choose not to rent it out then.

Finding a tenant for short term rental can be done using the internet. The internet has a number of websites available for listing extra space. The owner of the space only needs to list his/ her space on it. It is only through this, that space seekers will be aware of the availability of the space. Once they know this, they can connect with the owner to book the space.

If the space happens to be in Australia, one of the best space listing websites is Smarter Spaces. If you list on this site you will be able to reach a large number of customers.

Space Renting

Renting of spaces for small businesses, workshops, etc is gaining popularity. This becomes convenient when one rents through online portals. This is a means of establishing a connection between an owner of excess space and the person who wants to use it. Smarter Spaces is one such portal which helps in renting or leasing property.

Space Rental for Workshops

Individuals who are looking to start a new enterprise may need space for storage or to set up a workshop. Some owners provide just the space for renting. There are some others, who provide labour also at additional charges. Some properties have attached toilet and kitchen facilities. Some provide an integrated office along with the workshop.  Also, they give the flexibility to expand into larger units, downsize and even relocate. They generally allow short-term rental agreements. They allow the user to decorate the space as per their liking.

Space Rental for Parties

While hosting a party or an event the host takes great care in finalising the venue.

Some of the factors affecting the selection of a venue are:

  • Availability of the venue
  • Number of guests attending the event
  • Weather conditions if one is considering hosting it in an outdoor venue
  • Whether a kitchen is required
  • Whether rooms are required at the venue
  • The cost of renting the venue

A wide variety of spaces are rented for parties. They could be banquet halls in hotels, golf courses, party halls, etc. On Smarter Spaces, owners of different venues list their spaces and the customers can contact them and rent the venue easily.

Space Rental for Small Businesses

When one is considering starting a small business, one of the basic requirements is space.

The type of space required is determined by a number of factors:

  1. Type of business

The nature of the business, whether it is a manufacturing unit or a retail store or any other type of business, all these factors greatly influence the space requirements of the business.

  1. The area required for the business

Some units require larger spaces where as other units may require smaller areas to set up the business. In some cases, space is required for storing raw material, finished product, etc. While in some cases, a unit may require enough space to stock inventory.

  1. The amount of money the enterprise can allocate for the space requirements of the business.

While starting an enterprise the businessman is extra cautious of his expenses. It is necessary to set aside a sum of money for the space where he needs to start the business. Then he/she can decide whether to rent, lease or purchase a space to run the business. Generally, most startups prefer to rent or lease spaces.

  1. A suitable location for the business

Some businesses need to be located in prime locations where clients can easily reach them. On the other hand, there are some businesses which need access to good road and rail networks.

Smarter Spaces has a very wide reach. Therefore, it is beneficial for an owner to use the convenience provided by Smarter Spaces and list their property on it.

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