Leasing Commercial Spaces

Commercial property is basically any property (building or land) that generates a profit from either a capital gain or a rental income.

Commercial property that gives a rental income could be an office building, industrial premises, retail spaces, restaurants, spaces such as hotels, medical centres, storage space, etc, All these spaces can be rented or leased out.

While selecting a commercial space for rent, certain factors are to be borne in mind:

  1. Cost:

The businessman must be aware of all charges like utilities, maintenance, etc which he will need to pay on a monthly basis. This will be in addition to the monthly rent he will have to pay. After he knows these expenses, he should check if he can afford to pay these.

  1. Location:

The location of the commercial premises should be  such that the place is easily accessible to the businessman, customers, suppliers and the employees. Location of the premises will affect the rent of the commercial property, so the location should be carefully selected.

  1. Lease period:

The entrepreneur must be clear as to the kind of lease he wants. He should decide whether he wants the commercial property for a short-term or long-term lease.

  1. Size of the commercial space:

The businessman should select space so that it is sufficient to comfortably house the employees, products, customers, etc.

  1. Security:

It is important to have security guards near the commercial enterprise.

  1. Parking:

This is a very important criterion for any commercial business. It is beneficial to the business to select a space which has ample parking or a parking lot in the vicinity.

  1. Neighbouring businesses:

It helps to select a commercial space in which the activities of neighbouring businesses are conducive to the growth of the business.

Lease Commercial Space

Commercial building for rent:

A commercial building is a building that houses offices, warehouses or retail stores. Some commercial buildings may house retail stores and offices in one building. A commercial building may be cheap or expensive depending on its location.

Commercial Retail Space For Lease:

A commercial retail space should be selected such that it is close to public transportation system. It is a popular belief that there should be no competition to the store. But, contrary to this, it is a good idea to set up a retail store where there are other shops selling similar products. This helps the store as customers to those stores will like to see what the new store has to offer. Especially for a startup, it helps in establishing a customer base.

Commercial business premises are required for leasing for various types of business activities. These premises can be leased by selecting the premises from a space listing website.

Owners of commercial premises can stand to gain by leasing out their space to tenants. They can easily find tenants by listing their space on a space listing website like Smarter Spaces. This is a top space listing a website in Australia. So, if you have a commercial property to rent in Perth, you can easily use the services of Smarter Spaces and lease out your commercial space.

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