The Concept Of Leasing Spaces – A Friend To Small Businesses

When a businessman is looking to start an enterprise, there are three ways in which he can fulfill his requirement for space. He can purchase, lease or rent space. A lease is generally for a longer duration and its terms and conditions cannot be altered till the end of the term whereas a rent is short-term (for a week, a month, etc.). When a business is looking some kind of permanent space, then leasing is a better option than renting or purchasing.

Store for lease:

When a businessman is contemplating starting a retail business, it is a better option to take the shop on a lease rather than a rental basis. This is because a leased space gives a permanency or stability to the business. He will have a better chance to establish his business. There are basically two options while leasing a store space. It could be a retail store on a business strip, or a store in a shopping mall. While leasing a store space in a shopping mall, generally, the space owner is responsible for common area maintenance, parking etc. The tenant has to pay the property taxes, insurance and maintenance for his portion. When leasing a store on a business strip, it is usually an independent store and the owner has to take more responsibility.

Storefront for lease:

storefront for lease

A storefront is the display side of the store that is visible to the public. Many times, a business might be located in a high traffic area, but it may not require the shopfront to advertise its own products. In such cases, they can use the storefront as a source of income by leasing it out.

Small office for lease:

If a businessman needs a small temporary office, he generally prefers to acquire it on a lease. Small offices might be required for leasing when a business is shifting, or when a start-up is looking for an office space. Leasing office space helps the business by giving it space in a prime location at a lower cost. It also reduces the responsibility of the businessman as the owner maintains the premises. This helps him give better attention to his business. In addition to this, he does not have to worry about setting up the office as most office spaces come with basic furniture and facilities.

small office for lease

Most businesses are now preferring to lease spaces for business activities. Leasing of spaces has never been easier than in these times. This is because of people with extra space are willing to lease out their space. This is aided by the convenience of establishing direct contact between the owners of space and the seekers online. Now, there are a number of space listing websites available. People can easily list their space on these sites and get the attention of those requiring space. These sites are user-friendly for both. The owner can now reach a wide client base across the world. The customers also have a wide choice of listed spaces. They can view the listings on various sites a select space which fulfills their needs.

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