Smart Stores For Shopping

A smart store in a prime location is every retail businessman’s dream. To own such a store is a very expensive proposition when one is starting his own enterprise. This has brought in the concept of renting or leasing space for shops or space in shopping centres. Today, renting a shop, a space for a shop or store in a shopping centre has become very easy because of online portals like Smarter Spaces. In this portal, anyone, who owns space for an entire store, shopping centre, or sometimes just a partial space inside a store can list his property at a nominal fee. Customers interested in setting up their shop can directly contact the owner.

Any individual who wants to set up a retail store, needs space. For this he rents or leases the area where he wants to set up his shop. The main benefit of leasing a shop is, that the store owner has a store in a location which probably he cannot afford to buy. This helps him in attracting clients. This ensures the growth of the business.

Renting or leasing space in a shopping centre is quite different from a retail store. Shopping centres are located in eye-catching locations. They also provide ample parking spaces to their customers. Their rents are higher than those of individual store. While leasing space in a shopping centre, some of the considerations are:

• Whether this particular location will bring in the required clientele?

• Whether it will bring in good sales volumes?

• Whether one can compete with the other competitors?

• How much space is required (keeping in mind space for inventory and future expansion)?

• How much rent are can one afford?

Sometimes while taking a store or space on rent, the lessee makes a deal with the owner, wherein they have the permission to sublet a portion of space in their store. This works out mutually beneficial for the store owner and the person they have sublet the portion to. Sometimes, big shopping malls have a store where they sublet a portion to people who have the business of ‘Massage chairs’. This not only helps the tired customers to take a break and relax, but may also motivate them to buy the chair. This way the manufacturers of massage chair are able to market their chairs effectively. Subletting is also useful, when a store is selling seasonal goods. When their products cannot be sold in a particular season, the store can sublet to another entrepreneur to sell their products.

Smarter Spaces enables retailers or entrepreneurs to rent, lease a retail store in a prime location, as an individual retail store or space in a shopping centre. If the owner who has any kind of space available for rent or lease, lists his property on a website like, Smarter Spaces, he is sure to have customers queuing up for his property. With the popularity of the internet, and the ease of its use, online dealings for property have become very popular. This is because a listed property online has a very wide reach and it eliminates the hassle of middlemen.

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