Why People Thrive in Shared Spaces

Shared Spaces

What makes shared spaces so effective? And are there lessons for more traditional offices? To find out, we researched interviews from several shared space founders and community managers, and surveyed […]

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Exquisite Wedding Venues

So, you have an extra space that you need to rent out. You can easily do it using Smarter Spaces. This is a site that allows you to list any […]

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Meet Your Space Needs With Smarter Spaces

Space renting has become the norm of the day. People are seeking spaces for a variety of reasons. The need for space has given rise to a new business of […]

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Make Most Of Your Extra Office Space

small office space

Sharing office space is a new age concept. A business may need to set up an office in a commercial area. Various types of office space requirements could be: 1. […]

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In the era in which we live, we can easily say that the most valuable commodity we can own is space. Any kind of extra, unused space can bring us […]

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Renting Space– A ‘Rentee’s’ Perspective

rent my space

When we are considering renting our extra space to someone, it is a good idea, to try to understand what is going on in the mind of the person interested […]

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Expand Your Business By Renting Warehouse Space

industrial warehouse for lease

The requirement of storage space is a universal. Goods of personal or industrial nature need to be stored. Storage is required for goods to be exported, goods that are imported […]

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Renting Office Spaces- A Popular Trend

rented office space

Renting office space has become the most popular way of starting a business enterprise. Today office spaces taken on rent could be as big as an office building or as […]

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Office Space Solutions

serviced office

When an entrepreneur is setting up an enterprise, his first requirement is that of a suitable office accommodation. Office accommodation is the actual premises where the office is housed. The […]

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Smart Ideas For Usage Of Space

Casual lease hairdresser's chair

Space renting has opened doors for new opportunities. These days more businessmen are attempting to venture into new fields, due availability of space at low costs. Owners of excess spaces […]

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